Working on the Senior Thesis

I am not sure how common this is in the other universities but here, our students have to write a final senior thesis before they can graduate. Of course, in English.

This year I got some students who, for different reasons, could not take their first class on how to write their thesis. As usual most of them were assigned to me, so teaching this class what good for two reasons: first, students have to learn the basics before writing the thesis as an academic paper anyway; second, as most of them were assigned to me, it was easy to focus on their topics. It also helped as they were coming to my office to revise the writing during the week.

Long story short, the course ended up with a public presentation. We did not have many external visitors but it was nice to have my colleagues asking questions and making students nervous when they could not answer the questions.

Congratulations to all students who successfully completed the class. I am very looking forward to your final manuscript and your final presentation in February next year.