Material Development

Content classes to Japanese students in English is very challenging not only to students but also to instructors. I have been researching new ways to deliver content and at the same time provide students with the opportunity to improve their language skills.


Introduction to Global citizenship – ICT Module

Class material for the Global Citizenship course with vocabulary and comprehension activities, timed reading, group work and clear instructions for the next class. This material is used together with the online course available in Moodle (


 Introduction to Information and Communication Technology

Handouts of Intro to ICT course in one place.



 Introduction to e-Portfolio

Basic instructions of how to start using the Mahara e-Portfolio system.

MS Word Guide for Senior Thesis Guide

A basic guide aimed to help students formatting their undergrad thesis before final submission.

Algorithmic Thought

Material for the Algorithmic Thought course. This course is aimed at non-science majors so it keeps language simple but allow students that students become fully capable of writing complex algorithms.

ICT Rubrics and Badges

Rubrics and badges used in the ICT classes.

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