New challenges await

For the last 13 years, I have been teaching in the classroom. True that during the “with corona” times we were all shifting between online and face-to-face here and there, but essentially, the structure of my courses did not change.

Now that we are all back to face-to-face classes things were supposed to settle down, but with the lab changing locations, I am unable to be with my students every week. Yes, I changed jobs but I am still supporting my previous institution as they were unable to find a replacement even though I announced my resignation 4+ months in advance. It feels nice to be necessary, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I really enjoy being in the classroom and it will be great to see my students again. The problem is, due to MEXT regulations, this time half of the course has to be conducted online… and the other half has to be condensed into a couple of days when I can be there to teach face-to-face.

This was unexpected, and I am sure it will be a challenge.

As usual, I see challenges as opportunities, and this time is no different. I am sure I can keep the same quality in the course contents while shifting activities to accommodate the new schedule constraints. Also, by having a set on online lessons, I will finally have the chance to test the green screen and all the software I bought to start creating online lessons… something that received a low priority due to my other job duties.

Time to start working!