Excited to be in the classroom again

Since my arrival at Lakeland University Japan I have been so busy with administrative duties that just imagining being in the classroom was overwhelming. Well, it seems that life does not wait for us to be ready. From May I will be teaching two courses, and I am very, very excited to be back in the classroom.

The course will be something new to me, but a course that I have been planning and thinking about for a long time: Reading.

Yes, that is right, I am not teaching ICT this time, but a language related course. Why? Because it is related to the research I have been doing for the last couple years, which has culminated with the publication of two textbooks (cover and links below).

This time, I will be able to continue my research on vocabulary acquisition techniques and keep helping students to improve their language skills.

And… no, I am not using my own textbook in the courses.

Our World Today (2019)
Our World Tomorrow (2024)