Can Using Non-verbal Communication Improve Human Acceptability of Robots? (非言語コミュニケーションは人間のロボットへの許容性をこうじょうさせることができるか?)


From toy robots to Q&A machines, the number of robot and automated machines around us is increasing day-by-day. Until now, for robots to be accepted by humans, researchers have invested a huge amount of time on voice and speech recognition techniques and even tried to make robots more “real”. All research done so far is valid, but still robots fail to be accepted by many people creating a feeling of creepiness and making people uncomfortable around them. To overcome these barriers, non-verbal communication has to be studied and embedded in future robot designs so people feel comfortable interacting with robots. This research will focus mainly the uncanny valley, non-verbal communication, and robot’s development in the future. Finally, there is a discussion on if people can accept humanoid robot.