Helping students with their Journals

Since the beginning of this “e-Portfolio” thing, I have been relying a lot on Journals in Mahara as evidence of student growth and to promote reflective learning. So far, so good, except for the fact that students keep forgetting how to do it or sometimes, do things in a way that is not really what I want.

So, last year, in the Global Citizenship Course, I made a video that showed the whole process: from writing a journal entry to submitting a secret URL into a Moodle assignment.

It worked fine, but the video had too much information in it.

This year, in the Intro to ICT, I am doing things a little different. We are not creating pages in the first week of classes, but students have to write a journal entry every week!!!

As a result, I expect students to have at least 7 to 8 journal entries which they will then use to make a course page when we reach middle semester.

Also, regarding the videos, I decided to cut the information to make sure students understand little-by-little, but well. So, as we are just asking students to write journal entries, the first video teaches only that.

The video can be seen below.