What are the problems and utility value of Social Network Service? (SNS の問題点と利用価値)

Abstract: Nowadays, many people use Social Network Systems (SNS), be it for business or for personal reasons. People regardless of their occupational status use SNS websites and applications on a daily-basis. The research done in this thesis tries to understand and expose the fact that SNS does not have only good points. Privacy and friendship issues may arise at any moment, and it is important to understand it. 要旨: 最近では多くの人が仕事や私生活で SNSを利用している。誰もが SNSのウェブサイトやアプリを簡単に利用することが出来る。この論文の研究は、SNS の良い点だけでなく SNS が本来持つ事実を明らかにする。プライバシーと友情の問題はいつでも起こる可能性があり、それを理解することが重要です。

Nurturing Children: The ways of nurturing children positively (養育:肯定的に働く養育への要因)

Abstract: The ways of nurturing children are positively reflective topics because the levels of affection for children and how caregivers nurture affect how they grow up. For example, it is whether children are stable emotionally or children do not have confidence in everything or themselves. This thesis is to focus how nurturing children impacts child development emotionally and mentally and how their children develop differently through nurturing children. The method of this research is literature review from the psychological books Read More …