About students and horses

Oh my… it looks like a joke, but the last time I posted something here was… an year ago!!! I (and everyone else around me) have been very busy preparing for the new academic year. A new curriculum, graduate school prep, and of course all the normal work that we do at the college everyday running in parallel. It is really interesting how life happens and, suddenly, posting on my personal page looses its priority. In 2021 I worked really Read More …


Today was forum day in Hiroshima together with Prof. Yasutomi and Prof. Hong. With topics ranging from the Korean Peninsula to the relationship of Asian countries with the U.S., I was surrounded by political scientists. As the Dean of Faculty, I was invited to do the opening speech (which was great, by the way). It was nice to be around so many scholars again. Of course, with masks and social distancing.

2nd year students’ orientation

Today it was the first orientation session before the semester starts. Second year students came to campus, in the big auditorium, and we had many people from the administration speaking to them. Of course today’s main menu was the explanation about the study abroad program. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we were unable to send our second year students to their abroad program, and almost all students were waiting for the announcements in order to know what is going to Read More …

Open Campus

And we did it. July 19th was our open campus, and although we are all suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, it was nice to see so many high school students joining us. Of course, precautions were taken to make sure everyone had an enjoyable experience while keeping the coronavirus away. Students, staff and faculty were using alcohol on their hands when entering and leaving the rooms; Everyone were using masks at all times and instructors were offered face-shields (in addition Read More …

From online to face-to-face

Last Monday was the first day we had first year students on campus for face-to-face classes this semester. I was quite pleasant to see so many new faces and a vivid campus. One not so pleasant surprise was to see how much some students have to catch up. Because of the online classes, some students are not taking it seriously, and as a result, have not done the practice homework I have assigned since the beginning of the semester. It Read More …

One month with Zoom

Isn’t it amazing? one month has already passed since we started classes online using Zoom. I would love to have time and put everything we have learned and experienced in a paper, or some sort of tutorial so other people could learn and avoid making the same mistakes. Yes, maybe that is the way to go: a Zoom best practices in online education. Well, not sure if this idea will fly, but definitely enjoying the experience.

Senior Thesis Management

After thinking a lot about how to manage the thesis grades of our students, I have decided to use a course in Moodle. It seems as a natural choice since all our instructors and students have access to it. To avoid confusion, I am planning to split students into groups depending on their advisor, what will allow faculty to see their tutees directly. As a side effect, we get fast feedback to students and better visibility for administration. I am Read More …

Classes to start on April 20 (online)

That’s right, classes were pushed to April 20 and we will officially start it online. We will be doing it for a month and see how the corona virus situation develops. We are all working really hard to make sure we can offer good classes to our students. Many faculty members are running workshops and getting together (online) to discuss and learn how to use new tools and adapt their activities.