Can Technological Benefits of Tattoos Win Over the Taboo in Japan? (日本のタトゥーに対する偏見に技術的利点が勝つことはできますか?)

Abstract: In the past, tattoo was antisocial such as yakuza in Japan. People with tattoo have not visited hot spring facilities in Japan because tattoo was a cause of uncomfortable feeling for people. Recently, a lot of foreign tourists come to Japan, tourists of tattoo cannot enjoy at these facilities by old rule. My research is to understand history and culture of tattoo, and introduce advantages of tattoo in medical and dairy fields. Then, my purpose is to disappear bias Read More …

Infectious Disease in the World (世界における感染症)

Abstract: This thesis is about infectious diseases in the world. I choose ATL and Zika even out of those. Since these infectious diseases are not well known, I wrote thesis using WHO and CDC that as reference. Since May 2013, Zika virus infection has spread mainly in South America. The Zika virus is mediated by mosquitoes called Aedes Albopictus. It is known that if pregnant women are infected with Zika virus, it is possible that these babies have a serious Read More …

The Feasibility of Japan Phasing Out the Use of Nuclear Power Plants (日本の原子力発電所停止の可能性)

Abstract: The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant’s meltdown caused by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on March 11th of 2011, raised awareness of the dangers implicit with Nuclear energy. Even though many people have been suffering directly and indirectly because of the accident, some policymakers are still debating whether to reactivate Japan’s nuclear power plants or not. Nuclear energy has been considered clean energy by many researchers, but still it can have a huge negative impact on the environment. This exploratory Read More …

Social environment of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the U.S. and Japan (自閉症スペクトラム患者の社会的環境についてアメリカと日本における比較)

Abstract: This paper will write about what the Autism Spectrum is, and will introduce how the symptoms of the disorder influence on the patients in the society that they are belonged to. Especially, quality of life, social institutions and coping skills regarding Autism Spectrum are deeply focused. By researching the circumstance of both Japan and United States, this paper will look for methods for making the life of people with the Autism Spectrum in Japan better. 要旨: この卒論は、近年耳にするようになってきた自閉症スペクトラムとは何か、そしてその症状を抱える患者たちは今日の社会においてどのような環境の中で生活を送っているのかということを中心に述べている。特に、生活、制度、そして彼らと障害との付き合い方について日本とアメリカにける比較をし、問題点、解決策について述べている。

Yumenavi @ Fukuoka

This Saturday I am going to participate for the second time in the Yumenavi event for high-school students. This time I will be in Fukuoka talking about ICT and Liberal Arts. Although the connection might not be obvious for some people, I hope students can get the idea and hopefully they will get interested about learning and thinking in English.

Radar charts everywhere!!!

It is normal to provide students with feedback every time they submit an assignment. Still, some students (sometimes) do not understand where they need to improve. To address this issue, I have been handing out mid-semester reports to all my students and the easiest way for them to understand it to stick a radar chart in it. Yes, I know we can do it with a spreadsheet software, but I wanted something that would be generic enough that I can Read More …

Thesis page updated

Although students are still enjoining their summer vacation, I recommend everyone working on their thesis to take a look at the Senior Thesis page here: Make sure you add the ST calendar and don’t forget to set the alerts so you do not forget any deadline!!!!