And a new semester begins…

The 2022 academic year came to an end. From a professional point of view, it was great to graduate so many students and it felt good when I realized how well all those little scripts I made years ago worked well. Yes, you read it right: scripts. The thing about management is that usually there is no such thing as one system doing it all. Information is often managed in one system but the reports and data analysis have to be done separately. It has been like this for the last 13 years, but throughout this time I have been able to put little scripts or small text files with recipes of how I can get things done faster. Hopefully next semester I will have time to put everything into one little tool and save myself even more time in the future.

From an academic point of view, the new 2023 academic year brings a lot of questions and anxiety. Why? We are starting graduate school and for me, it will be a challenge as I develop and teach at grad school for the first time. It has been a while without butterflies in my stomach.

Now, back to work.