Two good news in one day

Today I got two surprises, both of them academic ones.

The first one was a package from the SUTLF team. My paper from the 2017 conference was selected for publication in a book. No big deal, except that only 4 papers were selected. I feel really honored and happy for their selection.

The second one was an evaluation copy of a book I am co-authoring. I haven’t got the evaluation copy myself,  but the publisher was distributing it during the JALT conference (last weekend), and one of my colleagues came to show it to me.

It was quite curious to see both of them in the same day, because both deal with the same research are: material creation. At SUTLF, I presented about my approach to material creation that nurtures Critical Thinking and Active Learning at the same time it deals with students with mixed language abilities.

In the book (or textbook), that approach was extended with a lot of help from my co-author, in order to get students learning language and content at the same time.

It is like seeing the plan and the final product together.