The Feasibility of Japan Phasing Out the Use of Nuclear Power Plants (日本の原子力発電所停止の可能性)


The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant’s meltdown caused by the earthquake and
subsequent tsunami on March 11th of 2011, raised awareness of the dangers implicit with Nuclear energy. Even though many people have been suffering directly and indirectly because of the accident, some policymakers are still debating whether to reactivate Japan’s nuclear power plants or not. Nuclear energy has been considered clean energy by many researchers, but still it can have a huge negative impact on the environment. This exploratory essay looks into the issues, and the effects of other clean energy power plant like wind, hydro, and algae in their quest to generate electricity without impacting our environment. Later, there will be a discussion about how much Japan rely on Nuclear power plants to provide the energy its society need and an analysis of how viable it is for Japan to shift to alternative green energy production.