Can Technological Benefits of Tattoos Win Over the Taboo in Japan? (日本のタトゥーに対する偏見に技術的利点が勝つことはできますか?)


In the past, tattoo was antisocial such as yakuza in Japan. People with tattoo have not visited hot spring facilities in Japan because tattoo was a cause of uncomfortable feeling for people. Recently, a lot of foreign tourists come to Japan, tourists of tattoo cannot enjoy at these facilities by old rule. My research is to understand history and culture of tattoo, and introduce advantages of tattoo in medical and dairy fields. Then, my purpose is to disappear bias and bad image of tattoo in Japan and to abolish the rule that tattoo cannot visit Japanese hot spring facilities. As a result, tourists with tattoo will enjoy at these facilities in Japan. Moreover, Japanese people will help in life by tattoo and will become to enjoy tattoo in the future.