Radar charts everywhere!!!

It is normal to provide students with feedback every time they submit an assignment. Still, some students (sometimes) do not understand where they need to improve. To address this issue, I have been handing out mid-semester reports to all my students and the easiest way for them to understand it to stick a radar chart in it.

Yes, I know we can do it with a spreadsheet software, but I wanted something that would be generic enough that I can use in different classes without the need to copy formulas over or making new files.

The tool is not finished, but I believe it is stable enough for others to test/use it. If you are curious to see how your mid-term reports are generated, take a look at the link below:


To make things easier, there is a sample spreadsheet that might help. Also, for each line, the report should break the page (use the print-preview to see how it looks).