Same-Sex Relationships: A Comparison Between Japanese and American University Students Acceptability (同性間のリレーションシップ:日本とアメリカの大学生の容認性の比較)


The topic of this exploratory paper is the same sex relationships: A comparison between Japanese and American university students acceptability. People generally like people of the opposite sex. After that, they get married. However, some people like people of same sex. There are many people like them in every country. In America, people have many gay rights. For example, they can get married in 37 states. However, in Japan, people do not have as many gay rights. They cannot get married because of the Law. Many Japanese people are also prejudiced against homosexuals. On the other hand, American people do not care about them so much. This research provides results and discussion of a survey of American university students who are homosexual and interviews with people who have homosexual friends or family. Also, another survey with Japanese university students was performed and highlights some of the issues that LGBT people face nowadays.