New Business Development for a Local Agricultural Community in Miyazaki Prefecture (宮崎県における地域農業組織の新規事業開発案)


The focus of this research is on a small agricultural community of a rural area in Miyazaki. In order to develop the community and their products some business strategies are considered and discussed. The research object of this study is the Mimatangoma-project in Mimata-city started by the Kirishima Society. First, the current agricultural situation and problems of Miyazaki and Mimata are considered and later focus is shifted to the current situation of Mimatangoma project. The research follows with an analysis of the work of the community, its products, and marketing styles introduced by the Mimatangoma project (the brand name of Mimata’s sesame) through its web page. In the last part of this research some strategies are suggested to increase profitability and to develop even more the products and the community of the region. During the development of this study, basic economic theories like 4P (basic marketing and analyzing method) and also consumer’s point of view from model plans and study data were considered.