Introduction to Global Citizenship: At last, the material

Finally, the material for my ICT module is ready. It took me a while and although not perfect, it is good to go.

Today we have our third class in the course where we discuss what a global citizen is. Next week I am changing classroom and will start the ICT module with a different cohort. So far so good, except that, for my lesson to go well, I need next week students to prepare for the class!!!

This will be my first real attempt on “flipped classroom” instruction. Until now, it was completely OK if students had not prepared for classes as me or any of my teaching partners could always spend some time one-on-one with a student to make sure he/she would not be left behind (small classes and team teaching, way to go)

Unfortunately, this time I have no partner and if students do not prepare for class … I will not be able to cover it in class due to time constraints.

I guess I will have to trust students.


To see the file just click the image above or access it here: