The Influence of Technology for Japanese EFL Students (第二言語を英語とする日本の学生に対するテクノロジーの影響)


The Influence of technology is wide and many things in our daily lives are affected by technology.
Nowadays, people around the world are using smartphones to receive news and message friends, copy
machines to make document copies quickly and video games to entertain them during their leisure time.
Technology is used every day and helps us in many aspects of our lives. Therefore, it is expected that
many technology resources, mainly online ones, can help EFL students to improve their English skills.
The purpose of this study is to understand a little about English education in Japan and to investigate
how technology can affect EFL students’ English skills positively. This research also considers
synchronous and asynchronous learning methodologies and based on results of previous studies, tries
to compare traditional English language acquisition, which is done in conventional Japanese high school
and Junior high schools, against Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), either offline or online.
Different ways of using technology to study English as a second language are also explored, and data
collected from journals and books is used to support the hypothesis that synchronous and asynchronous
technology tools are effective for Japanese EFL students.