Nurturing Children: The ways of nurturing children positively (養育:肯定的に働く養育への要因)


The ways of nurturing children are positively reflective topics because the levels of affection for children and how caregivers nurture affect how they grow up. For example, it is whether children are stable emotionally or children do not have confidence in everything or themselves. This thesis is to focus how nurturing children impacts child development emotionally and mentally and how their children develop differently through nurturing children. The method of this research is literature review from the psychological books and scientific journals including videos of experiments, mainly in the field of nurturing and attachment.

The majority of studies have focused on caregiver’s affection first, but researchers also started to focus on the environmental factors in which children grow up. The results show that nurturing styles influence their later life. While children who grow up in a cold family environment, they tend to have low self-esteem, children who grow up in a warm family environment, receiving affection, tend to have high self- esteem and have trust in their future development. The main result of this thesis is that as everyone seeks safety from birth, he/she needs to receive affection that allows him/her to feel safe and develop self-esteem. This affection should be grown in not only relationships between caregivers and children and but also relationships among broader social environments including caregivers and children.