Senior Thesis Management

After thinking a lot about how to manage the thesis grades of our students, I have decided to use a course in Moodle. It seems as a natural choice since all our instructors and students have access to it. To avoid confusion, I am planning to split students into groups depending on their advisor, what will allow faculty to see their tutees directly. As a side effect, we get fast feedback to students and better visibility for administration. I am Read More …

Classes to start on April 20 (online)

That’s right, classes were pushed to April 20 and we will officially start it online. We will be doing it for a month and see how the corona virus situation develops. We are all working really hard to make sure we can offer good classes to our students. Many faculty members are running workshops and getting together (online) to discuss and learn how to use new tools and adapt their activities.

Second year of the ARC program

One month into the new year, and students are already making use of the ARC. Our assistant is working hard on the new TOEIC workshops and the schedule should be available soon by email to all students. For more information about the program, here is the official page:  

Two good news in one day

Today I got two surprises, both of them academic ones. The first one was a package from the SUTLF team. My paper from the 2017 conference was selected for publication in a book. No big deal, except that only 4 papers were selected. I feel really honored and happy for their selection. The second one was an evaluation copy of a book I am co-authoring. I haven’t got the evaluation copy myself,  but the publisher was distributing it during the Read More …

The New ARC Program

Since the beginning of this semester we are starting a new program for our Academic Resource Center (ARC) in which students get assistance with homework and some guidance studying for the TOEIC test. April was a little slow due to book purchases and setting up of computer and printers, but in May we saw some students visiting the ARC regularly and asking assistance from our TA (who has been hired with the main duty of conducting this program). Well, last Read More …

Too busy to be true

Tomorrow is our 21st graduation ceremony and today everyone is very busy preparing and rehearsing for tomorrow. Also, we will have TC certificates handled to students in a small ceremony and later, thesis highest honors certificates. Of course these are not the only things going on. Today students will be trying the gowns and filling up an exit survey among other things. I am sure a lot of people will be crying tomorrow, so I hope I can write a Read More …

Preparing for the new semester

Next Monday the semester starts… and as usual, things were so busy around here that computers’ refresh was left for the last minute. Luckily for me, most computers are usable and tomorrow I will be able to focus on my new programming class. Yes, that’s right, a programming class is going to be taught for the first time in MIC and I am looking forward to it.