Yumenavi @ Fukuoka

This Saturday I am going to participate for the second time in the Yumenavi event for high-school students. This time I will be in Fukuoka talking about ICT and Liberal Arts. Although the connection might not be obvious for some people, I hope students can get the idea and hopefully they will get interested about learning and thinking in English.

Preparing for the new semester

Next Monday the semester starts… and as usual, things were so busy around here that computers’ refresh was left for the last minute. Luckily for me, most computers are usable and tomorrow I will be able to focus on my new programming class. Yes, that’s right, a programming class is going to be taught for the first time in MIC and I am looking forward to it.  

Radar charts everywhere!!!

It is normal to provide students with feedback every time they submit an assignment. Still, some students (sometimes) do not understand where they need to improve. To address this issue, I have been handing out mid-semester reports to all my students and the easiest way for them to understand it to stick a radar chart in it. Yes, I know we can do it with a spreadsheet software, but I wanted something that would be generic enough that I can Read More …

Thesis page updated

Although students are still enjoining their summer vacation, I recommend everyone working on their thesis to take a look at the Senior Thesis page here: Make sure you add the ST calendar and don’t forget to set the alerts so you do not forget any deadline!!!!

New website published!!!

I know it is not perfect, but if I wait until it is, I will never publish it. Updated publication lists, projects (not finished yet), abstracts of all undergrad thesis I have advised so far and many of my teaching related posts, that were in my university’s Mahara, were also migrated to this new website. The content structure is basically the same as the previous version, and soon I will add “whitepapers” and a section with all my material for Read More …

Helping students with their Journals

Since the beginning of this “e-Portfolio” thing, I have been relying a lot on Journals in Mahara as evidence of student growth and to promote reflective learning. So far, so good, except for the fact that students keep forgetting how to do it or sometimes, do things in a way that is not really what I want. So, last year, in the Global Citizenship Course, I made a video that showed the whole process: from writing a journal entry to Read More …

Mapping course objectives and CT

I am not sure it is possible… yet, but lately I have been thinking that there must be a way to map my course objectives with critical thinking. The Bloom’s Taxonomy comes to mind… now the questions is, can a (easy to understand) mapping be done? Today I found a document from the West University of Florida which tries to educate instructors on how to write effective learning objectives. It looks like a place to start. The document can be Read More …